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We Come In Peace - Andre Til Høyre


We Come In Peace - Andre Til Høyre



Fb.   In.

NAME: Andre Til Høyre

ADDRESS: Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo


DATE: December 2017

Welcome to our beautiful mad house, where the champagne is always stocked and the good vibes always flowing.

We are loud and all over the place, and we guarantee a hell of a good time!


Andre Til Høyre has the ambition to offer an atmosphere unlike anywhere else in the Oslo.

Our "apartment" consists of three rooms, all with different atmospheres;

the living room is a lounge area, where you can relax in comfortable designer sofas, the library bar is a full-service cocktail bar and our fully functional kitchen is a wine bar, where the mingling and socializing is as fluid as the boujee wine poured.


With a passion for the guilty pleasures of life, you know… The sh**t we all like!!


50 best discovery list : 2019,2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

We Come In Peace - Generasjonsbaren



Fb.   In.

NAME: Generasjonsbaren

ADDRESS: Youngs gate 13, 0181 Oslo


DATE: August 2021

Generasjonsbaren takes care of you; if you are down, they pick you up, and if you are up, they keep you there!

Join their Bloody Sunday Hangover club for extra comfort on heavy Sundays, and enjoy a wicked, non-judgmental Bloody Mary with your fried chicken & waffles.

Indulge in good food, good drinks and good conversations, and don’t be surprised if the waiter takes the time to sit down and walk you through the low-key/high-key menu, ingredient by ingredient. 


Dining alone? No problem! At the bar you can chat with the chefs in the open kitchen, while they cook up some guilty pleasures and some not at all guilty deliciousness.

The cocktails are complex and fun and the mood is light - nothing like how you’re going to feel in the morning.


Oh, and there’s a backyard too, for those hot summer nights!

We Come In Peace - Girotondo



Fb.   In.

NAME: Girotondo

ADDRESS: Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo


DATE: December 2017

It is said that the people who give you their food, give you their hearts. We cannot think of any other place where this is truer than at Girotondo.

Girotondo is a family run restaurant, where the genuine love for food and people is felt in both the palpable and the intangible; an atmosphere of coming home and at the same time sharing a table with complete strangers, as Antonella creates somewhat of a human mosaic around the long tables. 

This could quite well be the best pizza in Oslo?




Fb.   In.

NAME: Håndslag

ADDRESS: Youngs gate 19, 0181 Oslo


DATE: December 2017

Håndslag is a lush lil gem in the heart of Oslo. A perfect spot for a romantic date, and for those summer nights out with your friends; the ones you wish would never end 

We’re delighted to serve you a variety of fruity Slushies and exciting Taptails, special beers and more!

We’re open every day, and a selection of Oslo’s finest DJs will supply you with the perfect soundtrack for future memories Thursday through Saturday. 
Come join the party

We Come In Peace - LULU



Fb.   In.


ADDRESS: Youngs gate 7, 0181 Oslo


DATE: December 2017

LULU omakase restaurant is a true gem in the busy streets around Youngstorget.

Their visionary young chefs have composed a menu that takes you on a culinary trip around the world, with inspirations from South-East Asia, South America and the Nordics.

You can join in for the full journey of 11 tastings or stop at any destination. LULU serves both great wine and amazing, fresh sake-based cocktails.

LULU is a laidback, cool, charming, no bullshit kind of a place, where you can witness culinary magic right in front of you, in the open kitchen. 

Hot tip: the Sake pairing is a must-try! Secret: See what happens if you shout out “Merry Christmas"

We Come In Peace - KASTELLET



Fb.   In.

NAME: Kastellet

ADDRESS: Hegdehaugsveien 25, 0352 Oslo


DATE: December 2017

Feeling a pang of hunger, we will feed you. Feeling thirsty, we will fill your glass. We, at Kastellet hope to provide a well deserved retreat after work, or those exhausting shopping trips. Even when that one glass turns into a whole evening at the restaurant we are there for you. Whether it is for a delicious five course dinner in the restaurant, or to simply enjoy a glass of wine and a snack in the bar. If you are riding solo or bringing your posse, we have got you covered.

The  wine bar at Kastellet is modern and warm space, where good wine and good people come together. Our sommeliers are happy to recommend wines and guide you through a tasting experience. 
Have a seat in our comfortable danish design chairs, and share a snack from the restaurant menu with your bestie while you people watch the busy shopping street right outside.

We Come In Peace - The RESiDENCE




ADDRESS: Hegdehausveien 25, 0352


DATE: 2022

The Residence at Kastellet


If you tiptoe through the wine bar and carefully make your way upstairs, you might just discover your new favorite cocktail bar in Oslo.



Fb.   In.

NAME: The Three Fifty

ADDRESS: Hegdehaugsveien 25, 0352


DATE: 2022

THE THREE FIFTY is an exclusive wine club located 350 cm below the ground level of Kastellet in Hegdehaugsveien 25. Descending into the cellar you are welcomed to a true sanctuary for wine lovers; Here you can experience interesting tastings, events, special offers and gain access to the one of its kind chambre separeé. 

To apply for a membership contact: 

We Come In Peace - Rugantino


RUGANTINO trattoria

Fb.   In.

NAME: Rugantino

ADDRESS: Youngs gate 9,  0181


DATE: 2022

The warmth of the Italian home, combined with the temperament of the Roman kitchen; Rugantino is the place to really immerse yourself in the Italian experience.  Delicious wines, a variety of antipasti, homemade pasta and likely the best Tiramisu in town 

Bring your mum, dad, kids, grandkids and all the in-laws and enjoy an authentic Roman meal, right in the heart of Oslo.




ADDRESS: Storgata 37,  0182


DATE: 2023

Kafe Republik is a new twist on the traditional “Skjenkestue” where wine flows easily,
opinions are loud and the laughter even louder – high ceilings and low shoulders,
melted cheese and warm atmosphere – where good stories are never fact checked
and another round is always welcome.



Fb.   In.


ADDRESS: Storgata 37, 0182